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Patty Larkin

Index of Songs

  1. 24/7/365 from Red=Luck
  2. 3 Amazing Vocalists intro from Live In the Square
  3. Ain’t That as Good from Angels Running
  4. All Souls Day from Watch the Sky
  5. All That Innocence from Red=Luck
  6. Angels Wings from Perishable Fruit
  7. Anyway the Main Thing Is from Regrooving The Dream
  8. At The Mall from Live In the Square
  9. Back Into Your Arms from Step Into the Light
  10. Banish Misfortune/Open Hand from Angels Running
  11. Beautiful from Watch the Sky
  12. Because of This from Still Green
  13. Beg to Differ from Regrooving The Dream
  14. Best of Intentions from Still Green
  15. Birmingham from Red=Luck
  16. Bon Vivants from Still Green
  17. Booth of Glass from Angels Running
  18. Bound Brook from Watch the Sky
  19. Brazil from Perishable Fruit
  20. Burnin Down from Regrooving The Dream
  21. Caffeine from Step Into the Light
  22. Carolina from Strangers World
  23. Chained to These Lovin' Arms from 25
  24. Chained to These Lovin’ Arms from Tango
  25. Channeling Marlene from Angels Running
  26. Children from Red=Luck
  27. Closest Thing from Strangers World
  28. Coming Up For Air from Perishable Fruit
  29. Cover Me from Watch the Sky
  30. Cupid's Knee from 25
  31. Cupid’s Knee from Step Into the Light
  32. Dangerous from I’m Fine
  33. Danny from Strangers World
  34. Dave’s Holiday from Tango
  35. Day to Day from Step Into the Light
  36. Deadlines and Dollar Signs from Tango
  37. Dear Diary from Strangers World
  38. Dear Heart from Watch the Sky
  39. Deja Vu from 25
  40. Different World from Red=Luck
  41. Do Not Disturb from Angels Running
  42. Dodge Dart from Step Into the Light
  43. Don't from Strangers World
  44. Don't Do It from á gogo
  45. Don't Want To Give It Up from I’m Fine
  46. Down Through the Wood from Still Green
  47. Good Thing from á gogo
  48. Good Thing (Angels Running) from Angels Running
  49. Green Behind the Ears from Still Green
  50. Had to Be (Deja Vu) from Live In the Square
  51. Hallelujah from Watch the Sky
  52. Hand Full of Water from Regrooving The Dream
  53. Heart from Perishable Fruit
  54. Helen from Angels Running
  55. Here from Watch the Sky
  56. Holbrook intro from Live In the Square
  57. Hollywood from Watch the Sky
  58. Home from Red=Luck
  59. Hotel Monte Vista from Regrooving The Dream
  60. I Told Him That My Dog Wouldn't Run from á gogo
  61. I Told Him That My Dog Wouldn’t Run from Angels Running
  62. I'm Fine from I’m Fine
  63. I'm White from Live In the Square
  64. If I Were Made of Metal from Step Into the Light
  65. imagination from bird in a cage
  66. Inside Your Painting from Red=Luck
  67. introduction to poetry from bird in a cage
  68. Island of Time from I’m Fine
  69. It Better Be Me from Step Into the Light
  70. It Could Be Worse from Still Green
  71. Italian Shoes from Red=Luck
  72. Italy from Strangers World
  73. jimmy eagle’s hot cowboy boots blues from bird in a cage
  74. Johnny Was a Pyro from Strangers World
  75. Just a Few Words from Regrooving The Dream
  76. Justine from I’m Fine
  77. Kathleen from Tango
  78. Lately from I’m Fine
  79. Letter to Vancouver from Tango
  80. Lost and Found from Regrooving The Dream
  81. Louder from Red=Luck
  82. magdalene on romance from bird in a cage
  83. Mainstreet from Step Into the Light
  84. Mando Drum from Still Green
  85. Mary Magdalene from Strangers World
  86. Me from Live In the Square
  87. Me and That Train from Strangers World
  88. Metal Drums from Live In the Square
  89. Might as Well Dance from Angels Running
  90. Mink Coats from Regrooving The Dream
  91. My Baby from Still Green
  92. New Hotel from Still Green
  93. Normal from Red=Luck
  94. Not Bad for a Broad from Step Into the Light
  95. Notes to Myself intro from Live In the Square
  96. Nothing Else Really Matters from Still Green
  97. On the Run from I’m Fine
  98. Only One from Regrooving The Dream
  99. Open Arms from 25
  100. Open Arms (Don't Explain) from Strangers World
  101. Pablo Neruda from Perishable Fruit
  102. paradiso from bird in a cage
  103. passing through from bird in a cage
  104. Phone Message from Watch the Sky
  105. Poetry of Lies from Regrooving The Dream
  106. Pucker Up from I’m Fine
  107. Pundits and Poets from Angels Running
  108. rain from bird in a cage
  109. Random Play from Regrooving The Dream
  110. Rear View Mirror from Perishable Fruit
  111. Red Accordion from Perishable Fruit
  112. Red=Luck from Red=Luck
  113. Rescue Me from I’m Fine
  114. River from Regrooving The Dream
  115. Round and Around from Step Into the Light
  116. Ruby (Like a Jewel) from Live In the Square
  117. So Cold from Still Green
  118. Solo Flight from Tango
  119. Soon As I'm Better from Still Green
  120. Sorry from Regrooving The Dream
  121. St. Augustine from Red=Luck
  122. Step Into the Light from Step Into the Light
  123. Suburban Roots intro from Live In the Square
  124. Tango from Tango
  125. Tango Reprise from Tango
  126. The Book I'm Not Reading from Perishable Fruit
  127. The Cranes from Red=Luck
  128. the fool’s song from bird in a cage
  129. The Last Leviathan and Prelude from Live In the Square
  130. The Letter from Live In the Square
  131. The Road from Perishable Fruit
  132. the snow light from bird in a cage
  133. Time Was from Tango
  134. Time Was/Solo Flight from Live In the Square
  135. Too Bad from Red=Luck
  136. Traveling Alone from Watch the Sky
  137. Upside Down from Tango
  138. Used to Be from Tango
  139. Valentine from Step Into the Light
  140. Video from Angels Running
  141. Waiting for the Dawn from Tango
  142. Walking in My Sleep from Watch the Sky
  143. Waterside from Watch the Sky
  144. When from Regrooving The Dream
  145. When The Heavens Light Up from Strangers World
  146. Who Holds Your Hand from Angels Running
  147. Window from I’m Fine
  148. Winter Wind from Angels Running
  149. Wolf at the Door from Perishable Fruit
  150. You and Me from Perishable Fruit