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Patty Larkin

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“Richly contemplative tracks about solitude and togetherness, open vistas and spiritual quests. Her voice can be breathy and confiding, tinged with the blues or infused with Joni Mitchell's pearly depth... Larkin is deeply attuned to the resonances of her many instruments....meditative chords ripple across acoustic and electric guitars in "Cover Me" and "Traveling Alone," and float over a dance beat in "Phone Message." Countless little slide and steel-guitar licks ricochet around conga drums and filtered choruses of her voice in "Beautiful."”

New York Times


“The sonic multiplicity of these dozen tunes is impressive. "Hallelujah" is a rhythmic pearl that's radio-ready, while "Hollywood"...elicits an anomalous sound worthy of Laurie Anderson. Ballad "Dear Heart" is direct and elegantly done. "Phone Message" - an uncanny mix of insistent drums, ethereal voices and an instrumental arrangement.”



“A stark, yet varied, palette of ambient folk-pop that shimmers softly and speaks in potent, dreamy tones. "Phone Message"...blurs the line between earthy songcraft and modern technology. She nails the misplaced dream of "Hollywood" in a queasy, narcotic thumbnail and chases it with a slinky, beat-driven soul tune more redolent of Erykah Badu than the folk tradition.”

Boston Globe


“Larkin purveys mood music with a firm emotional core - a sound that's serene yet surreal, one that treads softly while whispering seductively.”

Performing Songwriter


“Patty Larkin is one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world. On Watch The Sky, she focuses on her songwriting, singing and multi-instrumental talents. The final results are as stellar as her guitar playing.”

Vintage Guitar


“ The folk-pop vet plays us her new opus ...fusing modern technology with acoustic instruments.”