Patty Larkin

I'm White

from Live In the Square

I'm White
I grew up in the suburbs
I like to use adverbs
To show I went to school

All right
Maybe I am a little corny
A little square a little boring
Just give me a break and say I'm cool

I was raised on mashed pudadoes
Little tiny hamburgers
We were afraid the neighbors would hate us
So we'd never sound perturbed

All right
Maybe I am a bit uptight
It took me years to see the light
It's on account of I'm White

Zwee dow
Dup bayoo doo doo dow
Hey hey hoy hoy how boys
Dow Jones Dow Jones

I learned how to be hormonal
Dancing at the CYO
I was normal, high heals and formals
'Til I split for San Franscisco--oh

There ain't no way that I can hide it
Rickie Lee Jones already tried it
She's still white

Oh, I'm White, oh so white
And even though I wear old blue jeans
My roots are showing at the seams
They're too tight
My jeans are too tight
My little designer jeans are too tight
They make me look so very
very very very very


Patty Larkin

updated: 1 year ago