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Patty Larkin

Regrooving The Dream

cover of Regrooving The Dream

released 2000   Vanguard Records Cat #79552

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Patty Larkin: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, octave mandolin, bazouki, lapsteel, accordion, acoustic slide, vocal loops, keyboards
Jennifer Kimball: backing vocals
Ben Wittman: drums, rods, brushes, dumbek, lapsteel percussion
Richard Gates: fretless and fretted bass
Marc Shulman: electric guitar
Greg Porter: bass
Mike Rivard: acoustic bass, bass
Bette Warner: harmonica
Cercie Miller Quartet: Cercie Miller, alto sax; special guest Tiger Okoshi, trumpet
Gideon Freudmann: cello
John Leventhal: electric guitars, bouzouki, lapsteel
Glen Valez: hand drum
Alan Williams: piano
Ghost: electric slide guitar, piano, backing vocals

Produced by Patty Larkin and Bette Warner, mixed by Ben Wisch.