Patty Larkin

Had to Be (Deja Vu)

from Live In the Square

Don't believe in deja vu
Don't believe we ever lived before
But if I did
If we do
It Had To Be you
I'd come looking for

I know I've seen love float by
On a whispering wind
And a lullabye
Like an old sweet song
That I once knew
I never got the words
But I could hum the tune
Now look who's got me singin'
'Bout the birds in June

It Had To Be you
Had To Be you
Got me singing out loud

Moonlight shows on this face of stone
Cold and cracked in the garden all alone
I turn away as you walk me home
Hiding from the mirror of my soul
Cross my heart
Watch the ocean roll
It Had To Be you
Had To Be you
Ain't never gonna part, no

Sun comes up
In the wink of an eye
Shines all day and then it's
Gone with a sigh
Clouds come in
And they catch the glow
One look at your face and I know
I'm holdin' silver
Holding onto gold

And it Had To Be you
Had To Be you

And if you ask me
I'll say I do
To something I already knew

It Had To Be you
Had To Be you


Patty Larkin

updated: 1 year ago