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Patty Larkin

Red Accordion

Don't stand in my way
Well I'm taking these legs for a spin 'round the block
And I'm gonna look up all those friends I forgot
Cause I know there's a laugh in my throat that got caught
At a stoplight just down the street

Don't stand in my way
Well I know London Bridges are all falling down
And it's gonna be hard to find a way across town
But I'm gonna jump off this old merry-go-round
And I'm flagging a taxi

Don't listen the din rising behind you
Look at life like a train wreck and one finds you
Light a match and your fear of fire will
Burn you down

Don't stand in my way
Gonna climb up and see if this table top spins
Gonna haul out my old Red Accordion
Cause you can't play a polka on ten violins
Who cares if I don't know how

Don't stand in my way
Cause they don't make a scotch tape to patch up ths hole
And if God didn't want us to he wouldn't have made rock 'n 'roll
Better put on your coat cause it's sure gettin cold
And we'll take it all outside

Pay attention to the moon rising behind you
Look at life like a tragedy and it will blind you
I'll make a fool of myself maybe that will
remind you how


Patty Larkin

updated: 3 years ago