Patty Larkin

Time Was/Solo Flight

from Live In the Square

Time Was when you were all I had
I'm running for a doorway
It's raining, I feel sad

You were the one to say don't worry
You were te one to say go on and try
You were the one to say don't hurry home
I love you

Two lovers kiss and I walk by
Reminded what I'm missing
I turn my head and cry

I look above the sky and ocean
I look at painted canvas on a hill
You are my poetry in motion
I love you

Turning away from eyes I meet
I look up at a stoplight
Look down and cross the street

And I remember how my name sounds
And I remember feeling safe at home
I look at windows of this strange town
And I see you

I pack my bags and wait in line
Sigh out loud, stand straight
Mark the time

Everyone rushing to get somewhere
Everyone pushing by me on the stair
And then I smile and say I'm there right now
I love you
I love you I do


Patty Larkin

updated: 1 year ago