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Patty Larkin

I’m Fine

cover of I’m Fine

released 1987   Philo/Rounder Records Cat #1115

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Patty Larkin: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion
Tony Allen: drums
Robin Batteau: violin
James Brough: synthesizer
Richard Gates: bass, electric bass, backup vocals
Cercie Miller: alto and soprano saxophones
Chuck Parrish: electric guitar
Rick Purro: percussion
Tim Jackson: drums
John Curtis: mandolin, 6 string and slide guitars
Sheldon Mirowitz: synthesizer
Catharine David: backing vocals
Sheila Larkin: backing vocals on Pucker Up, On the Run
Rodney Young, Charlie Kirkland, David Thomas, Fred Griffith: backing vocals on On the Run

Produced by Darleen Wilson and Patty Larkin
Tracks 11-14 produced by Gragg Lunsford and Patty Larkin
All songs by Patty Larkin

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