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Patty Larkin

The Road

It was on a summer's evening
the air was still and calm
I dove out to the highway
where a traveler's soul belongs

I could hear the highway crying
that lonesome road did wail
I took off for the horizon
like I'd spent my life in jail
like I'd been in jail

I drove faster and faster
the tires would not slow
just one more mile
then after
it's homeward I will go
it's back home I'll go

then the darkness did surround me
a cold fog settled in
it was my eyes and the headlights
who'd seen where we had been
who knew where we'd been

then the road rose up to meet me
and gathered me in it's arms
whispered to me sweetly
I'll keep you safe from harm
you'll never know harm

leave your home leave your family
leave them all behind
there are golden fields
and valleys
the kind that poets rhyme

run and tell my little sister
her hair is flowing red
tell her that I miss her and
I'm anything but dead
tell her i'm not dead


Patty Larkin