Patty Larkin


cover of Red=Luck

released   Vanguard Records Cat #816

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Patty Larkin: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Ben Wittman: Drums
Richard Gates: Bass
Mike Rivard: Sintir
John Hickey: Electric Guitar
Marc Shulman: Electric Guitar
Duke Levine: Electric Guitar
Jeff Lang: Slide Guitar
Seamus Egan: Low Flute & Mandolin
Mick McAuley: Button Accordion
Winifred Horan: Fiddle
Merrie Amsterburg: Backing Vocals
Jonatha Brooke: Backing Vocals
Bette Warner: Talking
Tim Craven: Electric Guitar
Gideon Freudmann: Cello
Jennifer Kimball: Backing Vocals
Willy Porter: Backing Vocals, Thumb Piano

Produced by Patty Larkin, Bette Warner, and Ben Wittman.
Engineered by Tim Craven, Mixed by Mike Denneen.

updated: 2 years ago