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Patty Larkin

Still Green

cover of Still Green

released 2013   Signature Sounds Cat #2057

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Patty Larkin: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Loops, Organ, Keyboards
Catherine Bent: Cello
Joe McMahon: Upright Bass
Dave Brophy: Drums
Jonatha Brooke: Backing Vocals Down Through The Wood, Soon As I’m Better, New Hotel
Merrie Amsterburg: Backing Vocals It Could Be Worse, Bon Vivants, So Cold
Peter Linton: Electric Guitar It Could Be Worse
Birdsong at Morning (Alan Williams, Darleen Wilson, Greg Porter): Backing Vocals
Nothing Else Really Matters
Greg Porter: Bass Nothing Else Really Matters

Produced by: Mike Denneen and Patty Larkin
Executive Producer: Bette Warner
Mixed by: Mike Denneenn, Q Division, Somerville MA
Mastered by: Jonathon Wyner, M-Works, Cambridge, MA
Recorded at: Road Narrows Records, Wellfleet MA and Q Division
Engineered by: Patrick DiCenso, Q Division
Eneineered by: Patty Larkin, Road Narrows Records
Editing Assistance: Matt Beaudoin
Merrie Amsterburg Engineered by Merrie Amsterburg and Peter Linton
Birdsong at Morning Engineered by Alan Williams, The Aviary
Jonatha Brooke Engineered by Ben Butler
Peter Linton Engineered by Peter Linton