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Guitar Goddesses. Patty Larkin brings together some of the best women players in the world. Boston Globe

Patty Larkin and other pickers shine on La Guitara... an anthology of 14 brilliant guitar performances by women.Washington Post

La Guitara showcases a sampling of the world's finest women guitar players. Each guitarist on this album is a respected musician. Every track is a triumph and a validation of female guitarists everywhere. Celebrity

Guided by an overiding intelligence....La Guitara successfully delivers the wide spectrum of great female players on a well-crafted silver platter. Guitarists combine superhuman physical technique with a novel rhythmic and melodic musical structure to create arresting music. Vintage Guitar

TOP 10 - 2005
Philadelphia City Paper

It's also a stunningly kick ass record. Bay Windows

Folk-guitar-smashing Larkin, nimbled-fingered Kaki King, National Guitar Championship winner Muriel Anderson and jazz bright Mimi Fox. Philadelphia Daily News

LA GUITARA TOP 10 - 2005
Boston Globe

La Guitara proves that there are amazing women guitar players, both past and present. Baltimore Style

A veritable smorgasbord of tasty, sassy, sweet and raw playing from some of the best in the world, period. MINOR 7TH


Wu Man
"The artist most responsible for bringing the pipa to the western world." LA Times

Sharon Isbin
"The preeminent guitarist of our time." Boston Magazine

Patty Larkin
"Genre-stretching string popping alterna-folk." Guitar World

Memphis Minnie
"Her records guide us through the evolution of recorded blues...from the Mississippi Delta to urban Chicago. Her guitar playing embodies the best of the blues: it takes a simple form and makes each iteration fresh and inventive." Acoustic Guitar

Mim Fox
"Jazz guitar at its best." Just Jazz Guitar

Kaki King
"The most striking young musician to emerge in decades. The acoustic guitar instrumentalist and composer alternates between hard percussive flailing and banging (literally using her axe as a drum) and the fleetest, most fluid right and left-hand fingers." LA Times

Ellen McIlwaine
"Herewith a list of the three greatest women slide players in the Universe: 1. Ellen McIlwaine, 2. Ellen McIlwaine, 3. Ellen McIlwaine." Toronto Globe

Badi Assad
"She plays a battery of percussion instruments while simultaneously playing guitar and using her voice, to add a sultry melodic line, scatlike improvisations and mouth percussion. A powerful, jazzy, and sensuous one-woman ensemble." Acoustic Guitar

Alex Houghton
"Her fearless attitude is reflected in the music." Ottawa Citizen

Vicki Genfan
"Her dazzling display of two handed tapping, bell-like harmonics and funky bassnote slapping along with her deft fingerstyle approach have guitar aficionados sitting slack-jawed in sheer awe." Acoustic Guitar

Muriel Anderson
"One of the world's best, and most versatile guitar instrumentalists." Chicago Tribune

Rory Block
"Widely regarded as the top female interpreter and authority on country blues worldwide." The Blues Foundation

Jennifer Batten
"An amazing guitarist, regardless of gender - Batten rivals Hendrix, Van Halen. She has squeaks and squawks and honks and roars and a whole library of other strange sounds. She has licks that scorch the rhythms. And she has guts." Miami Herald

Elizabeth Cotten
"Among the most influential guitarists to surface during the roots music revival era, her wonderfully expressive and dexterous finger-picking style a major inspiration to the generations of players who followed in her wake." Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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