Mando Drum

by Patty Larkin

Just gimme a cup of coffee
Yeah, a double shot
Double double mocha mocha grande
That’s what I want

You tell me you’re optimistic
Yeah, you’re an optimist
Wait a minute, let me put on my liptick
Gimme a kiss

Just getting my two left feet going
To hullabaloo
Shindigging with my GPS on
I’m going to follow you

Life is a laugh track
Even with the mess
There’s something to laugh at
When you shimmy like this

Just gimme my high heeled sneakers
Yeah, my velvet dress
Crank up my little tiny speakers
You’re gonna remember this
You tell me you’re futuristic
World’s coming apart
Wait a minute, let me put on my lipstick,
I look good in the dark

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