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In Honor of Poetry, Track 6: Green Behind the Ears

PATTY LARKIN BIRD IN A CAGE, TRACK #6: Green Behind the Ears
A Celebration of Poetry

Over the years I began my writing days by reading my favorite poets just to be amazed and inspired. I looked to poetry as I look at nature: with awe. This morning ritual evolved into a desire to make music of some of my favorite poems. The rhythm and cadence of the lines felt new and fresh to me, the melody slowly revealing itself. And uncovering a melody that is slowly revealed by the words was pure joy.
In recognition of the beauty, solace and inspiration that poetry brings to our daily lives, here is a track from my Poem Song Project, "Bird In A Cage" with a free download link. For each track I'll tell you why that particular poem resonated with me, and give you a sense of the process of creating the song from the poem. You will be able to download the track free with the link below. Poetry shoots straight to the heart. There is no better time to connect with poetry's direct link to the soul than now.

About "Green Behind the Ears"
Kay Ryan's "Green Behind The Ears" was the poem that inspired the "Bird In A Cage" project. I was on tour in 2012 when I sat down at hotel desk and read from her book, "The Niagara River: Poems", before beginning to write. To me, her poems read like songs: concise, deep, lyrical lines that held a reverberant truth within. I read the last poem in the book, and began to sing, "Green Behind The Ears".

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