Waiting for the Dawn

by Patty Larkin

There's a world outside
Though it barely touches us
Cross the ocean so wide
Far from both Americas
And I wake in the night
Waiting For The Dawn to come
What if I had no rights
Living in South Africa

And I drive in my car
Got to get to work on time
At the red light I swear
All this traffic is a crime
There's a man at the curb
Selling papers one by one
And I read in the news
Another man and woman gone
South Africa

And the factories float by
I stare them down, then drive away
Modern times
Modern lives
All neatly tucked and filed away
Five o'clock in my car
I'm listening to the radio
And I choose what I hear
Keep my eyes glued on the road

Shadows fall, and my town
Turns from gray to black and white
I am listening for sounds
Something moving in the night
In my heart, there's an ache
Every muscle tightly drawn
Eyelids closed - wide awake
Waiting For The Dawn to come

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